Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress

Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress

For those of you who might not know about my background, I’m one of nine children (including steps, halfs, etc). And the next to last is getting married in the spring and has asked her sisters to be in her wedding party! So this past weekend, we hit a local dress shop to go shopping for a bridesmaid dress!

You might remember the story I posted about shopping for my wedding dress as a plus size bride, and while it had a happy ending, it wasn’t until after several shops and many tears.

So when the bride asked if we could get together and try on a few dresses, I said yes of course…but I also went into the store figuring they wouldn’t have anything for me anyway. But if we could at least nail down a style and color, then I could shop elsewhere as we were going back to a bridal store that I’d left previously in tears.

This is a large wedding party. There are 4 of us sisters acting as bridesmaids plus two of her girlfriends, so six of us altogether (plus a flower girl) that are shopping for a bridesmaid dress. We had an appointment, so they were prepared at least for us coming in as a group. Unfortunately, the shade of pale yellow the bride was looking for wasn’t available through this shop; she went with her second choice and figured if she didn’t like it, then we could try another color or even another store.

Oh, the bride plus our Mom were also there with us, and my seven year old son plus my three year old nephew and almost a year old niece. But they sat with Grandma and played nicely. Mostly.

The shop employee that was assigned to us was ready to go! She asked us all for our sizes and started pulling dresses for each of us, and got us set up in our own section of dressing rooms and mirrors. I imagine we were a loud group based on family meals and holidays, but it was all hands on deck since this is a family event. We were helping each other zip, button, tug, adjust and so on, as we each tried on the few dresses we were provided.

In our party, we ranged from a size 2 to a size 24, with a few stops along the size chart in between. I was the largest at size 24, but again, I knew that going in. We had a wide range of styles to try on and narrowed it down to floor length. Then the bride decided she liked the chiffon/flowy types of material, and it turns out, she liked the back-up color she had picked out. Then, somehow, all of us had the same dress in our sizes, and since it had looked good on two of us, Mom suggested we all put that one style on and give it a shot together.

Shopping for a Bridesmaid Dress

Here’s where it got interesting, in a good way. This met the bride’s requirements, as far as color, material, etc. It was available in everyone’s size (even though everyone needs a little alteration). And this is a convertible dress! Thanks to a thin belt and fabric ties (part of the dress), you can wear it as a strapless, halter, cap sleeves, etc. This turned out to be a lot of fun as we all picked a different style based on our body and prude modesty levels. 

The picture above is the dress itself (but we’re going with the color Navy) that all of the bridesmaids will be wearing next May. No tears, no anxiety about sleeves vs. no sleeves, or having to order a custom dress because of a certain size.

I’d be the first one to roll my eyes and suggest going anywhere else BUT the big bridal stores if you need a dress, especially for anyone over a size 12. But, maybe I don’t need to be so harsh.

If you want to take a closer look at the bridesmaid dress I’ll be wearing (along with the other beautiful ladies), feel free to check it out on Amazon.

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