Open Letter to my Haters

Open Letter to my Haters

To My Haters,

There’s a reason that fat girls who want to exercise struggle to do it in public.

Like the other night, when I was walking my dog, and you were coming out of a local restaurant in the strip mall. I was minding my own business, keeping my dog reigned in, had my music blasting on my earphones, and trying to keep my breath under control.

Sure, I was probably a hot & sweaty mess…but I was getting a good walk in!

I didn’t strut by you, I didn’t stop and let my dog jump all over you; in fact, I just minded my own business and walked around your group so we wouldn’t interrupt your gathering/conversation.

Why did that bother you?

Or did it bother you that me, a fat girl, dared to walk for exercise in public?

I didn’t ask for your opinion, but you sure gave it anyway, didn’t you?

“Hey fat ass!”

“Aren’t you coming in to eat?”

“Think the dog is safe going home with you? What if you get hungry?”

I didn’t respond to you, except to keep walking and ignore you, while you laughed with your buddies. Sure, maybe the dog didn’t understand why we were suddenly almost jogging down the sidewalk, but she loves to be out and about…

I thought I’d let you know that I didn’t cry about it. I didn’t go home and stuff my face with food. In fact, I finished my 2.2 mile walk in under 30 minutes, had a tall glass of ice water and got a shower.

You, and your gaggle of friends, are the reason women like me get nervous when it’s time to get physically active outside of our own homes. If I don’t work out, then you talk about me and respond to social posts or general conversations with the line “just get more exercise” like that solves everything. Then when I do work out, you say things to make me feel bad and go back home.

It’s a no win situation.

Or it would be, if I let it stop me. If we let it stop us.

So keep on hating. I’ll use it as fuel to move my fat ass further down the road. #ByeFelicia

21 thoughts on “Open Letter to my Haters

  1. It is really disgusting to me that this happened. But, as another large woman, I know it happens because it happens to me. A few years back, I did a diet plan and lost a bunch of weight. I got down to a size I had never been before – still considered plus size, but small considering I’m taller than average. Anyhow, I actually HATED being that size. Why? I could not stand how people treated me so well. It PISSED ME OFF how nice people were, how many creepy guys checked me out, and how I was given privileges I didn’t have before (e.g. people letting me go in front of them in line, holding the door open for me, calling me a ‘young lady’ instead of ‘m’am’). I was honestly comforted when I gained the weight back just because I didn’t have to be faced with the idea that society treats people differently as a result of this. People are making assumptions! There are many different health conditions that cause a person to gain weight – without it having to do with their own choices! And even if it is their own choices, do they not make mistakes in their lives? You are a good example for how to deal with this – to stick with the plan. I admit, I would have come home and ordered a pizza!

  2. ReneeHendersonGray says:

    I don’t think people actually know that words hurt. I have a lot of my elderly patients that are worried about weighing over 100 pounds and refused to eat.

  3. lisa says:

    I’m just visiting here, so I’m not sure what the blog is about. It was extremely rude what was said to you but, why post it? Let it motivate you. Screw them! I was once very over weight, then I got sick and lost a ton of weight. Now I am too thin. Keep exercising and don’t listen to the ignorant people. They’re the ones with a problem, not you.

  4. People are just plain stupid, what made him gods gift to all women…. Most of the people that need to open their mouths about other people are very insecure about themselves and this is the only way they can make themselves feel better…. sad very sad.

  5. Tina Alexander says:

    As a woman that struggle with losing and gaining weight depending on whats going on in my life-I can relate. It’s such a pity that people are judged by their weight and not their personality.

  6. lisa says:

    Take care of you. We all have our personal struggles. Love yourself and do the best that you can. That’s all you can do. Stay positive.

  7. lisa says:

    People can be cruel. Trust me, I know. Sometimes it hurts and even years later you remember it for decades. I wish people would live and let live.

  8. We live in such a hate-filled world anymore. People are so judgemental and hateful. Not one of us should stand in judgement of another, for any reason. We all have that one thing, or maybe 10 that we would like to change about ourselves; the difference is you are out the trying, unlike so many of us who sit back and say, “tomorrow”. Those “men” who were harassing you all have their own little demons, the only difference may have been that there’s were hidden. Not one of us on this earth is perfect by any means, so who are they; they were harassing a person who is out there trying to change what she thinks needs to be changed, doing what she can to make positive changes. Be proud of who you are and what you are doing. I know it is so difficult to ignore the hurtful and demeaning words that others sometimes throw at us, but try to hold your head high and keep doing what you are doing. I am sure you have something that those disrespectful, immature and hateful men don’t have, and that is a beautiful heart and soul. Let that beauty shine from within and that can outshine anything that anyone can ever do or say.

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