Nail Stamping Tutorial

Nail Stamping Tutorial

Just when you thought polished nails weren’t awesome enough, we’ve recently been playing with nail stamping! Here is a great how-to video plus a few links so you can recreate this look for yourself at home!



So this video was recently uploaded by a favorite channel of mine, Nail Career Education. They offer classes in nail art & design, whether you want to work in a salon or just learn how to do it for yourself. But the videos on YouTube are free for anyone to watch and I love the creations she shares with us.

Assuming you’re working with your nails already polished, then you won’t need too many supplies to achieve this look. Here are the items on Amazon that would probably work the best. I’ll let you know after I try it for myself!!


None of these products are particularly expensive, and you can use them more than once, so you definitely get your money’s worth. I like the dotting tools better than the calligraphy pen, but that’s just a matter of preference. I also like the stamp set because there are many designs to choose from, so I can apply whatever I’m feeling that day!

The local salon I visit does a lot of airbrushing and free hand painting. I’ll have to ask about stamping the next time I visit them. But I also think this process would look nice even over polished nails at home! 


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