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I’ve since been to my local maurices store to see what all they had. I loved their colors and selections…but the plus size, which starts at a 14, was in limited supply.

Not that they were “out” of things, but even the size dedicated to them was small. I asked the very friendly sales associates and I was told that as people come in to shop for those sizes OR have plus size items shipped to the local store for customer pick up, that was going to be the only way to get corporate’s attention.

Makes sense.

I’ve been there for several sales and I usually find something, but not always. What I do appreciate is the most popular of the styles in the standard size selection are found over in the 14+ size racks.


This is a new store for me, so I’m still checking out all the products they offer. Plus, they just moved into my local mall a few weeks ago, so I’ll let you know what I think of their in store selection of deals, but here’s the basics so far.

They are not an exclusive “plus size” clothing store; let’s just get that out there. That being said, they do have a decent selection online of size 14-28 clothes. Their “size” chart is similar to another well known store that ranges from 0-4, with the 4 being the size 26/28 selection.

I’ve found a number of tops and cute dresses that I’d like to own. What I love about their website is they have “suggestions” on the right hand side of the item you’re reviewing to complete the look. I was checking out a sleeveless dress, and on the right side, they had links to a light weight sweater, a necklace, and a pair of dress boots!

I’m planning a trip to the mall this week to check out the local store. The prices online seem reasonable for most things that caught my eye.

If you’re familiar with them, can you share any thoughts with us? Things we should check out or try on in person?

As always, thanks for reading and shopping with us. 


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  1. I don’t think we have a Maurices around but I’ve heard of them. I’m checking out their site now. They have some really cute tops. The ruched slub knit plus size pullover with hood would be perfect for Fall!

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