Have Trouble Sleeping?

Have Trouble Sleeping?

Do you have trouble sleeping? I do. I will go through periods where I can’t fall asleep, or can’t stay asleep. Or I get sleepy during the day and not at night. I’ve tried a few things to help me to fall & stay asleep (at night) so I thought I’d share and see if anyone else had other ideas!

  1. Drugs: I don’t mean the illegal kind either, but there are a variety of medicines that can help you sleep. Some are available over the counter and some you need a doctor’s note for. I find that taking Atarax for my anxiety can help me sleep if I’m taking 2-3 pills for bedtime (instead of through the day). Yes, I have a prescription and yes, my doctor said I could take them through the day one at a time, OR take a few at night to help me sleep and get a good baseline in my bloodstream for the next day. Otherwise, I have found luck with both Melatonin as well as Diphenhydramine (aka Benadryl®). I find both of these take about 15-20 minutes to really kick in, so I’ll take my dose and get ready for bed and it’s lights out.
  2. Limit Caffeine Intake: This is a hard one for me to do. I like coffee and I drink it through the day. Not so much to stay awake but I just like it! I don’t deliberately drink it after dinner BUT we drink a lot of iced tea which also has caffeine too. I’m not sure how the level really works out since it’s made with a huge pitcher of water though… I can say diet soda doesn’t seem to impact my sleepiness levels.
  3. No Electronics at Night: I don’t know if this would work or not. My cell phone is always near me, whether I’m using it for videos, games, Facebook or work.

I like to sleep in a cooler room because if I get hot and sweaty, I’m going to get up out of bed and find something else to do. I do sleep with a fan on, year round. I think it’s partly the noise that I enjoy, because even when I’m freezing, I still want it on to help me sleep.

I’m a belly sleeper and always have been (except after surgery and when pregnant).

I usually stick my feet out when I’m sleeping BUT not while I’m going to sleep because of an irrational fear something will get my feet LOL!

I never considered myself a light sleeper but I can’t fall asleep with distractions.

So wrap all these things together and you have my weird sleeping issues/habits. If you are interested in trying the “natural” route with Melatonin, here’s a link to Amazon. Be sure to check with your health professional for any potential interactions though and my post is of course not considered medical advice. Just guidance for those of us who have trouble sleeping.


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