Halloween Mask Ideas

Halloween Mask Ideas

Costumes can get expensive fast, especially if you’re trying to dress up several people in your family. And when you’re a plus size woman, most of the store costumes are either trashy or making fun of yourself. So I’m rounding up ideas for tasteful costumes instead, starting with Halloween masks.

I’m all for going all out on a costume when it comes to a fun reason, like Halloween or a party, but like I said, it can get costly when you’re buying a complete outfit from head to toe!

So why not piece it together? Or buy the accessories to pair with an existing outfit? Here are a few Halloween Mask ideas to consider. Pair them with a cute little dress, or a blouse and a skirt. You can keep it simple or go elaborate with only spending a few dollars. 


This is a gorgeous Mardi Gras type mask that comes in 7 color combinations. I like that it has the combination of several elements, plus it comes with ribbon to tie behind your head to hold it into place.


They call this mask a Lady Butterfly Masquerade mask! I like that it’s elegant without being too sparkly. Plus you can choose other colors to go with your costume or theme. But honestly, the black on black is my favorite.


How beautiful would this orange mask be for a fall wedding or even a Renaissance festival? And if you’d prefer another color, or maybe without the lace or flower, I see 14 other choices you could pick instead. 


This is a black and gold Venetian Masquerade Mask (comes in red & silver, and purple & gold) decorated with glitter, paint, feathers and a detailed flower. I love the mystery and female “air” to it. Imagine pairing with a black dress with a gold belt?


OK, this is more of a Mardi Gras mask but I love the colors. It is held in place with an elastic band, so you keep your hands free for holding your loved one’s hand or a drink or bag of candy.


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  1. Patty Haubner says:

    Thanks for the idea. We have a wedding on Halloween weekend and costumes are encouraged. I really didn’t want to dress up but this would be great!

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