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Hello and welcome to Not A Size 8!

I had originally started this site to share clothes & fashion ideas for ladies that aren’t a size 8. I don’t just mean plus size (although I am) but I also meant anyone that was super tall or petite, or maybe large chested, etc. And I love watching beauty videos, so those are easy to share and come up with ideas to make them your own!

I’m still about those things but I also want to be more personal and own the idea of body positivity, being healthy at any size, and just enjoying life! So Not A Size 8 will still cover things about fashion, beauty ideas, and great deals, but I also want to share personal stories, my crafty side, and I love to cook but rarely post about it! And, I’m also a big nerd/geek, so it’ll be coming out soon!

A little about me personally; I’m a late 30’s married mom of 1 son. I have 8 brothers and sisters in total, and most of us have kids of our own already. I love to read and be crafty (watercolor painting, coloring, DIY projects) and yes, I still enjoy video games.

Feel free to follow me on any of my social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I love to share content from others that I think you might like too!


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